Featured: Mexico 2018 Gallery
Featured: Mexico 2018 Gallery
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Base Cartel


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Original Word: πορφύρα, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Phonetic Spelling: (por-foo'-rah)
Definition: a purple garment, indicating power, wealth, royalty.

No competitor could be ready for race day without these competition compounds. Parallel to The Blancos, The Porphuras feature a fresh and innovative design from Base Cartel. The competition compound material guarantees equally balanced breathability as well as compression like no other. Left and right foot specific seams ensure security at all times when worn, no matter how testing the situation. The compression offers temperature regulation as well as reinforcing support which hugs the arch of any footbed perfectly. The purest yet sophisticated sock around, intended for competition use only.
- 6" cuff height
- Reversible cuff top
- Competition Compound
- Avoid dryer to maintain softness

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